Look into the eyes of my subjects and see their character revealed.  Where no two features are alike yet balanced in a harmony of differences.  A divination sounds without a noise and can be heard if you listen closely.  For imaged is a personality, an individual, with something to say...  Without words my subjects speak a familiar language understandable in your view and by no other...  So let us celebrate for in you I can be found.  In you my subject's chance for life and to breathe your gift of finite possibilities of birth and even death.  In you my artwork lives and dies.  In you my greatest hope of emotional capture.  In you and only you my work is displayed.
Claude Arfaras is Claudy The Artist.... I originate from a small Greek American sponge diving Community named Tarpon Springs in Floridia, USA. I do Contemporary Impressionistic Portraits and consider myself to be a Punk Artist.  Using bright color with a primitive technique is my best navigation for capturing the ideal.  
I recently started participatng in social media and joined Twitter @ClaudyTheArtist and currently enjoy over 75K Followers of my artwork and music.  Just in the past few weeks I have done an album cover for Rapper Terry Jee of Paris, France and LA based rapper BUXABURN.  In addition promotionals for Test Kitchen Music and DJ BobbleHead. 
I became associated with NathanA a few years ago after witnessing his performance when he was just a little kid on PBS. Wow!  The absolute most gifted musician I have ever seen. This Rogers, Arkansas native is already a legend in the Ozark Mtns. and enjoys a national audience.  Subsequently and luckily I became friends with the entire Aronowitz Family over the internet in my search for his performance. I have been doing their artwork ever since. NathanA is no longer a kid but a freshman at Belmont University Nashville, Tn. and has begun a group named DownBoy.
Well thanks so much for visiting my site and please come back and check in on me for I do appreciate it...
Thank you,